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Welcome to my New Random Rambelings. Crosswinds shut the last one down, as I had many complaints. I'm hoping for a better turnout this time.

6/23/02 ~ 'Lonzi'a had surgery, the poor thing's down. He had his wisdom teeth cut out, I know it sucks, I've been there. I got more hours at work then anyone could ever ask for... I'm about to die. I need the money, but I need time more. I want to be here to talk to him when he has nothing better to do... and apperently I have to tell him to take his pain killers...

Also, more web-related, I'm planning to get my Rom site and my Cat site back up in due time, ya' know, when I get around to it. So, if you're willing to wait, there'll be many more roms for the video-game junkies out there, but I only provide the best emulators, and games I like. (not that you can't turn me on to one in a hope not to have to serch for it.) Yup... That's about it, I have to call my friend Steff (of Darma Contradiction)...

6/8/02 ~ I haven't had time to catch my breath lately. And yet I'm bored out of my mind. My new job isn't any better then my last one. Me, the pale little goddess of the night, my mom got me a job at a water park! My skin is peeling... I'm turning pink... The sun is not my friend... And yet, I'm a Leo! The sun and I are suppost to be inseperatable. I'm gonna' get a tan, and my hair's gonna lighten. LOL they're gonna' be the same color. My, but that's gonna' look strange. Anyway, now that I have gotten a second to catch my breath, it becomes apparent that I promised you an update, but I just haven't had time. As soon as I can get the time, I promise you that you'll get it!

2/28/02 ~ I think I've been far to bitchy lately... I think I've been pissing way to many people off, it's even annoying 'Lonzi. I don't know how to stop...

2/14/02 ~ Best Valentine's Day in a long time. 'Lonzi's so sweet, he got me red roses and a bear. I love roses. I love Valentine's day! Something else, I haven't written any poetry in a long time, I'm just not that tortured anymore. Everything's going so well!

2/10/02 ~ I'm afraid one of my friends is going to commit suicide. Subsequently formed BAABS. The Bitches against Anti-Social Bastards Society

1/15/02 ~ 'Lonzi's so sweet, I got on the 'net today and a message popped up that said, "Drowning deep in my sea of loathing
Broken your servant I kneel
It seems what's left of my human side
Is slowly changing in me

1/12/02 ~ I got a job today at Food City! Yay, weekly pay and selling coconuts!

12/21/01 ~ In the holiday spirit, added the Ufology section. I think I might be able to get a job at the local Food City grocer. If I am able to gain any type of employment, it would be a great lift from what I make now, wich is nothing. I hope I can make a little money so I'll be able to purchase a Game Cube, nintendo entertainment system, because I want one, for, the next Zelda game shall come out on it, and I do enjoy the Zelda games.

12/12/01 ~ This weekend my friends and I went to a Beta convention, and it was quite nice. It was a cool hotel, and we got in trouble for writing "Satan Has Your Nose" on the window, the hotel manager called and told us to take it down, and these 13 Christian Natzis called and told us the they were praying for us. Steff started throwing up, and 'Lonzi got kicked out of my hotel room, but otherwise, it was great fun. Yes. Oh, and we got stuck in the elevator from Hell with a bunch of Ooompa Loompas.