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People make up excuses,
Believeable as can be,
To almost any human,
But never to me.
I've lived all the lies,
Told everyone untruths,
Conveyed 'semi-evil',
To further their trust.
I was asked the reasons,
But had learned not to tell.
A realist in an unreal world,
To much to handel.
The cursed realisation,
There's no one here for me.
The phone rings, but I don't answer,
Another person, another lie.
The world doesn't need me,
The human race shuns.
School is just a soap opera,
Home a barrage of screams,
And porcelin that flies.
I don't belong on Earth,
But somewhere far away,
A utopian society,
Not for humans only,
But that's another story.
The life I live
Cannot be called life.
Because I have learned,
The law of the jungle worked,
Modern laws do not.

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