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A Gift

Life is a precious gift,
A miricle in itself,
Not to be tossed away,
As so many doubt.
It seems to me that life,
Can hold a curse as well,
But so do so many things,
So it must be learned that,
Good comes with bad,
Paws come with claws,
And no matter what works now,
It will get twisted around,
And you will wish with ever breath,
That you were not alive,
But you must know that times of joy,
Bring back all your pride.
Nothing is worth tossing out,
What you were given by
those more powerful then you,
Because you never know,
When a true gift may be,
All that stands bettween your mind,
And the state of limbo,
Prolonged by time,
Never escaped,
And more importantly,
The point of no return.

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