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“The Dream of Happiness”

No matter what happens,
Her manner remains strong.
She is stiff and motionless,
She never sheds a tear.
But that all changed one day.
Sorrow is unforgiving,
So she did not succumb to that.
Joy lets down your defenses,
A luxury she could not afford.
The only thing she was able to convey,
Was the harsh truth of anger.
All tears were from pure frustration,
All fits from annoyance.
A thousand bones broken,
And yet no one may know,
That the actress of a thousand mardigras masks,
Each conveying true emotions,
Love, Joy, Sadness all prove false.
These masks hide the face of a demon,
And a heart of stone willing to destroy the world,
For one small, single chance,
Of the goal that seems so far away,
The dream of happiness.

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