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The Demond

I donít know much,
And I wonít lie to you,
But there are things,
I swear are true.
Life is short,
But not short enough.
To conquer death,
You only have to die.
My friends... it would be a relief,
But it is an impossible escape,
Because the Earth calls to me,
And I have to protect it.
If I leave now,
It would be admitting defeat.
I canít let that happen.
Iíve never been defeated.
Not even by myself.
My biggest enemy hides from the world,
Preying only upon me.
Letting me see my inner self,
And who Iíll never be.
She hides away from the world,
And often takes me with her.
She is a sorceress at heart,
But can out charm any act.
She hides all emotion unless it benefits her.
She wants to conquer the world...
But she cannot,
For she preys upon the weak.
But perhaps that is her plan,
Take them down one by one,
It seems to be working.
Donít listen to their calls for help,
There is no point.
ďEveryone is expandable, Right?Ē
She asks me,
And I know better then to answer.
Every new day brings forth a new battle.
We both refuse to give in...
But as I grow weaker she grows stronger.
My time on Earth shall end,
But time for her in infinite.
I call her my enemy,
But she is also my greatest friend...
The more she tries to conquer me,
The more I see out similarities.
I cannot be defeated.
To conquer death,
I only have to die.
To conquer death,
She must live.
And so we breath as one...
Until my time on Earth is done.

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