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The Cat

Everyone has a soul mate,
And I am sure to have mine.
She has the body of a dancer,
And eyes that glimmer as they shine.

She purrs when she is touched,
Her hairís as soft as silk,
But we share a kindred hatred,
Of the silkworms weaving it.

Her tail creates a silhouette,
Conveying curiosity,
In the form of a question mark,
When she spots something intriguing.

At night when her eyes glow,
She curls up in my lap.
During the day I am ignored,
But now the perfect spot for a nap.

This little bundle of purr and love,
Left a few days ago.
She may climb to the peaks above,
Or swim the oceans below,
There is one thing I am sure of,
That she will come back home!

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