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"A Good Mother"

She jerked a glowing eye upward,
Startled at the sound of rustling.
A velvet fur coat was disturbed as she moved to find it.
She was aware of an outside fore prowling,
And so she pounced upon it.
It was merely a mouse, nothing more.
Barely a morsel, but when one is starving,
It could be a feast.
The old lady went back yet again to the street,
She had nowhere to go, and children to feed.
Buying food was out of the question,
There was no money in the entire family.
She hid behind a wall as headlights shone over,
Least it be the men coming to take the children again.
She only had one left, they had stolen the others.
She would defend her last child no matter what it took.

They stepped out of the car.
She did not know them,
But would never welcome them.
She knew the type,
So she rushed inside to her child’s bedside.
She tucked her in tighter,
Her last remaining daughter,
The only one they could not take away.
She thought over it and came to a realization,
Perhaps the child would be better off with them.
They could provide more for her then she ever could.

Inside the abandoned building,
A woman was startled to find,
A box containing
One lone kitten.
As she took the kitten home,
Safe from the demolishing job,
She never even saw,
The old black cat,
Perched on a tree,
Looking through,
A nearby window.

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