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“An Angel”

I am able to spread my wings and fly,
I could easily escape if I wanted to.
I desperately want to.
And yet I am tied down,
By no physical strings,
But responsibility keeps me here,
I need to travel the world wants me.
We could teach each other so much,
But I have fallen out of the life stream.
People go about their lives everyday.
I am always here, but they seldom see me.
Those that do look at me for an instant,
As if they have seen me someplace before,
But dismiss the thought quickly as only deja vous.
There must be a place to be,
But I am yet to find it.
Everywhere on Earth someone belongs.
Everyone but me.
So, as I wander a lonely street tonight,
Please look on and believe.
Everywhere there are angels,
Some just don’t show their wings.

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