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If you feel that you must leave my wonderful creation, I'd feel better if you would do it through one of these equally perfect creations. These are all sites that I viset frequently, and fully endorse!

Jordan's Monkey World
My little brother's web site. I taught him html. He's rather demented (Almost as much as I am), so this is some interesting stuff.
The Land Of Cheese
My Friend Fig's web site. She's the 'quotemaster'. She's also the bobtholisism priestess. It's cool, particualarly the wall 'o quotes.
Euphoric Dreams
My friend Steff's web site. Losts of cool stuff, especially about FF7.
I am the holy
Another friend's site. Just... see it. There's really no way to describe it.
Stuff about Ufology, a really good web site for those spiritual Ufologists out there.
Tripod is a good web space provider. They give you 50mb for free.
Bravenet is a webmaster's dream. It has everything you could ever want, guestbooks, counters, chat rooms, and now even 20mb of free space!
An amazing web graphics site!
Gif Construction Set
This can be used to create your own animated gifs. It's very fun and useful.